Hotel de Lençóis

Our Hotel


Parcele em até 3X sem juros Reserve agora sua estada no Hotel de Lençóis e divida em até 3 vezes sem juros no cartão de crédito.  Parcelamento em até 3 vezes sem juros para cartões de bandeira Visa e Mastercard. O valor mínimo para parcelamento é de  R$ 601,00.  Mais[…]

Infrastruture facilities and services

Wake up to the sound of birds singing in a delightful and comfortable atmosphere amidst the mountains of the Chapada Diamantina: this is the Hotel de Lençóis. Come renew your energy! Blending modern touches with traditional, colonial details, the hotel sits in a secluded oasis of 10 acres of land[…]

Nature and sustainability side by side

The Hotel de Lençóis, the first hotel in the Chapada Diamantina, was the second hotel In Brazil to earn the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism Management by the ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Norms). In all that the hotel does it tries to value those who live in our Lençóis and[…]

Roda D’água Restaurant

From our appetizers to our desserts, continuing with our entrées and special wines from our wine cellar, the Roda D’água Restaurant offers you everything to enjoy a special moment in Lençóis.   International and regional cuisine Diverse menu including regional specialties of the Chapada Diamantina 


Machine parts from the old-time diamond cutting process, currency from past generations, including one printed by the extinct Bank of Bahia. Soda bottles from Fratelli Vita, Crush, Guaraná Caçula. Two-man hand saw for cutting trees. A china chamber pot and a copper spittoon. Metal daggers Portable scales for weighing diamonds.[…]