Hotel de Lençóis

Chapada Diamantina

You are about to visit one of the most surprising places on the planet. Get ready to live and feel the spirit of the diamond era, hear about the self-made coronels and their armies, experience this untouched piece of nature.

Here you will see deep valleys with innumerous mountains, will be enchanted by the orchids and the humming birds, will be delighted by the waterfalls and exuberant pools, will dive into the mysteries of the crystal caves and be charmed by the sheer dimensions and beauty of the hills, canyons and caves. The exuberance of the orchids and bromeliads impress even those familiar with these species as do the variety of cactus found on the ground and in the rocks. The biodiversity of flora and fauna is immense.

The Chapada is a sanctuary. For those who want to admire the natural landscape or for they who wish to rest by the river, taste a good wine and regional delicacies or practice sports like trekking, climbing, rappelling and mountain biking.
And the best of all is that you can enjoy all these wonders in comfort and sophistication. We, of the Hotel de Lençois, wish to offer you suggestions about how to discover this amazing paradise, along with fun, recreation and happiness.

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