Hotel de Lençóis

Nature and sustainability side by side

The Hotel de Lençóis, the first hotel in the Chapada Diamantina, was the second hotel In Brazil to earn the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism Management by the ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Norms).

In all that the hotel does it tries to value those who live in our Lençóis and the Chapada Diamantina region. In addition, our policies of sustainability seek to reduce the impact on the environment and to share our concern about the importance of the preservation of our natural and cultural resources with our guests and staff. 

”Our objective is to satisfy our clients, promoting and preserving the natural beauty and the cultural charms of the region always based upon the economic and social concepts that form sustainable tourism.” (The Policy of Sustainability of the Hotel de Lençóis)

Learn about some of our actions of our policy of sustainability:

  • Separation of recycled residues and the use of all organic residues in the production of compost for our gardens;
  • Substitution of energy smart light bulbs for LED bulbs (with low energy consumption) and the use of solar heating for water;
  • Sponsoring social, educational and cultural projects of Lençóis;
  • Actions to preserve the local flora and fauna;
  • Planting hundreds of trees and other plants in the 10 acre plot of the Hotel;
  • Preferential use of renewable wood (with IBAMA certificate) in addition to reused wood.

We are in constant renovation; consult our collaborators for more information on sustainability.